Here are 20 Relatable Comics Based on The Life of Every Girl by Nyxis Art

We’re back to introduce you to a different talented female illustrator who focuses on realistically depicting female-related situations in her comics. She doesn’t reveal her full identity, although the Nyxis Art comic series is well known. On her Instagram account, she shares updates on her attractive and imaginative artwork. She is the artist who makes comics about her own experiences and shares them with others through social media platforms.


Her life experiences are seen in her artwork, which she shares with the world through her platform. The comics by the artist address difficult situations and small everyday scenarios. Her stories are universally relatable, and her artwork is delightful and funny. She has gained an audience of 2,181 Instagram followers as a result. You can read and relate to her best comics in the part that follows.

Credit: Nyxis Art

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#1. Shame


#2. Voice Training


#3. Order

#4. So True


#5. First one

#6. Frustrating


She is an extremely talented young artist who expresses herself through drawing. By sharing her comics on social media, the artist is not aiming for recognition or anything else. Because he enjoys drawing in her free time, she only does this for his own internal fulfillment. She creates comics that depict every possible situation that might occur in real life.

#7. Full Team

#8. So Smooth


#9. Documents

#10. Being a Girl


#11. Stressful

#12. Falling


#13. Halloween

#14. Pregnant


The artist claims that most people may relate to a few common themes. The cartoonist draws inspiration for her work from her everyday life. She’s skilled at understanding common issues and knows how to creatively organize them in her drawings. She regularly shares relatable scenarios, such as humorous incidents or moments, that many people identify with on her Instagram account. If you also enjoy it, then you must share this blog with your friends.

#15. Drawing

#16. Hair Style


#17. Hope it’s better

#18. Anxious


#19. Social Transition

#20. Preview


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