20 Nura Comics Shows Her Everyday Life with Her Boyfriend

We are happy to introduce you to Nura Comics, our newest cartoonist. The ups and downs of daily life are the main subjects of her comics. She is well known for her realistic storytelling, fair representation, and emotional humor in her comics. And her companion never fails to make us laugh with their amusing and relatable lifestyles. This webcomic starts when her boyfriend John posted her comics online and they became popular in 2016, her career took off highly unexpectedly. 


She is an illustrator who draws sweet drawings of her wonderful connection with her partner. According to the artist, being in love involves listening to your partner’s problems, coming up with solutions, and showing concern for them when they return later than normal. For you, we have gathered her finest selection of comics. Take a cup of tea, scroll down to the section below, and enjoy her comics together if you’re a couple.

Credit: Nura Comics

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#1. Escape Games


#2. How much?


#3. Next day

#4. Wash it


#5. Puppy

#6. Getting ready


She usually posts drawings and comics about relationships, love, and daily life. Most of her comics feature her and her boyfriend, who have been together for more than ten years. Her cartoons have become known for their realistic depiction of married life and charming humor. They frequently highlight ordinary, everyday situations that are brought to amazing levels by the power of love.

#7. Brushing

#8. Farted


#9. Too hot outside, too cold inside

#10. Found You


#11. Out of milk

#12. It’s their fault, not mine


#13. Like a fluffy bed, Love

#14. When I accidently drank a few drops of mouthwash


The comics often portray a strong, honest portrayal of relationship life. They enjoy their achievements as well as the challenges that come with being in a relationship. They seem more genuine and real as a result. Checking out Nura Comics is highly recommended if you’re looking for a loving and realistic view of relationship life.

#15. Exercising Together

#16. One hungry night


#17. Honey

#18. You are my energy


#19. Attack

#20. Every single month


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