20 Comic Strips about the Everyday Life of a Cat Named Kiki and Her Owner

In a quaint corner of the internet resides a delightful world, painted in strokes of humor and heartwarming tales. Enter the whimsical universe of “Not So Wild,” a comic strip that dances with the everyday antics of a cat named Kiki, her trusty sidekick Olliver the dog, and their endearing human companion. With 26,200 Instagram followers, this comic strip has woven itself into the fabric of countless hearts, tickling funny bones and kindling warmth in equal measure.

From the first stroke of the pen to the final flourish, each panel of “Not So Wild” brims with life, exuding a charm that effortlessly bridges the gap between feline curiosity, canine enthusiasm, and the rollercoaster of human emotions. But have you ever wondered how such delightful ideas take form in an artist’s mind?

Credit: Not So Wild

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#1. Diet

#2. Birthday

#3. Christmas

#4. Priorities

#5. Snap!

Ideas, for an artist, are like whispers from the universe—sometimes a faint hum in the background and, at other times, a symphony of inspiration echoing through the corridors of imagination. For the creator of “Not So Wild,” these ideas often sprout from the simple yet profound observations of daily life. The mischievous twinkle in Kiki’s eyes as she bats at a dangling toy, Olliver’s unwavering loyalty even amidst comical mishaps, and the quirks of their human companion—all serve as seeds for the fertile ground of creativity.

#6. Was he planning this the whole year?

#7. What is magic?

#8. Am I the only on who is terrified of the updates?

#9. Black Friday

#10. Everyone can enjoy a camping trip

#11. Friends take care of their friends

Motivation is the engine that drives this artist’s journey. It’s the laughter shared by thousands as they scroll through each comic strip, the comments overflowing with warmth and connection, and the stories of how these illustrated tales bring joy to people’s lives. The artist finds inspiration in the sheer delight sparked by Kiki and Olliver’s escapades, knowing that in the vast expanse of the digital world, their small corner has become a safe haven of laughter and comfort.

#12. Some people is better at telling scary stories

#13. How to know when somebody does not likes you

#14. Time for dessert

#15. He loves all the creatures

#16. How could he call it a monster?

#17. Camping Trip

As the sun sets on yet another day in the world of “Not So Wild,” we find ourselves embraced by the warmth of connection and the laughter that transcends pixels on a screen. Kiki, Olliver, and their human companion bid us farewell with a promise—tomorrow, they’ll return with more adventures, more laughter, and more heartwarming moments that remind us of the beauty in life’s simplest joys.

#18. Do your friends forget about you too?

#19. What do you do with that friend that always says “next time “?

#20. Who is going to be “busy” this weekend?

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