20 Never Stay Dead Comics Depicts Relatable Situations That We Face

Never Stay Dead Comics is a British independent comic book publisher founded in 2008 by Ashley and Lloydd McKissick. The artists specialize in humor comics, often with dark and absurdist themes. They are a rising star in the world of comics, inspiring audiences with their witty observations and amusing illustrations. They currently have 467,000 followers on Facebook as a result of doing this.


Strong lines, attractive colors, and highlighted features combine to create a unique visual language that perfectly captures their humor. Their straightforward little comics are something you may identify with if you own a cat. A selection of their best comics can be found in the section that follows. If you want to read their best comics, scroll to the section below.

Credit: Never Stay Dead

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#1. Cat Diet


#2. Personal Space


#3. Life

#4. Getting Ready


#5. Consciousness

#6. Sick


The artist continues to employ this style in their comics because it is preferred by most of their fan base. They say that the reason they find humor so enjoyable is that it gives them the freedom to express themselves, regardless of how ridiculous or unpleasant it may be. That’s how their audience laughs at their incredible effort.

#7. Grand Mother

#8. Run


#9. Hilarious

#10. Halloween Party


#11. Treats

#12. The Dishes


#13. Video Games

#14. Online Dating


#15. Something Nice

#16. Movies


Typically, they draw comics with four panels. Her comics are consistently bright and captivating. They find humor in the most realistic situations, from the awkwardness of social interactions to the challenges of being a cat owner. Their comics will make you laugh by capturing the ridiculousness of daily life. Their audience is always entertained by their comics. Hopefully, you people like their comics. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share this blog.

#17. Back to my Place

#18. On the internet


#19. Degrading

#20. Clothes Shopping


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