Navigating Adolescence with a Biracial Tween and His Best Friend in 20 Comics




Inbetween Comic is a webcomic created by André Damelle. It follows the story of a biracial tween named Boothe and his best friend, Alex, as they navigate adolescence. Boothe is a creative and intelligent kid, but he also struggles with anxiety and self-doubt. Alex is a supportive and loyal friend who is always there for Boothe. The comic explores a variety of topics, including race, identity, friendship, and mental health. It is both funny and heartwarming, and it has resonated with many readers.

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#1. Popularity Contest

#2. Did you hear?

#3. What are you doing?

#4. There’s a Difference

InBetween Comics can be found on Tapas, a website that features a collection of comics. The website features a collection of Andre Damelle’s unique and creative comics, which often focus on the humorous moments of everyday life. He also has a website called, where André Damelle posts his comics and other artwork. The website features a collection of his unique and creative comics, as well as information about his books and other projects. He also has an Instagram account, where he currently has an audience of 19,000 followers.

#5. Didn’t Know

#6. Can’t talk now

#7. Last Summer

#8. Rain Academy

#9. Little Secret

#10. Can’t Lose!

Boothe is not your average teenager. He’s a creative and intelligent young mind, always brewing ideas and dreams. However, beneath his bright exterior, Boothe grapples with anxiety and self-doubt. It’s this authentic portrayal of his inner struggles that makes “Inbetween Comics” a relatable and impactful narrative for many readers. Through Boothe’s experiences, André Damelle explores the complexities of adolescent life, addressing the mental hurdles that so often accompany this age.

#11. Congrats Girl!

#12. Don’t Understand

#13. Beautiful Pain

At the heart of “Inbetween Comics” lies the beautiful friendship between Boothe and Alex. Alex is the kind of friend we all wish for in our lives—supportive, loyal, and ever-ready with a comforting presence. Their camaraderie serves as the backbone of the comic, reminding us of the enduring power of friendship as they navigate the challenges that adolescence throws their way.

#14. Roll Call

#15. Childish Things

#16. Dark Skinned Girl

#17. Thread Density

This webcomic is a masterful blend of humor and heartwarming storytelling. It’s a testament to André Damelle’s creative genius, as he not only entertains his audience but also touches their souls with Boothe and Alex’s journey. The comic has found a special place in the hearts of readers, who appreciate its sincerity and relatability. It encourages us all to celebrate our unique identities, cherish the friendships that buoy us, and recognize that the in-between moments of life are often where the most profound growth occurs.

#18. New Style

#19. Girlfriend

#20. Sorry

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