20 My Gums Are Bleeding Comics Full of Twists and Clever Punchlines

Many comic artists simply enjoy making people laugh. Artists who create comics to make people laugh have been inspired by a complicated combination of personal motivations and the inherent strength of humor. They think laughter is a powerful tool for connecting with others and spreading joy. For the artist, it can be very satisfying when their creations make people laugh or give them a good laugh.

My Gums Are Bleeding is an Instagram account famous for dark humor and unexpected twists. The creative person behind this comic series is Miles Erickson. This account creates four-panel illustrations with a dark and sometimes clever sense of humor. He currently has 40,800 followers on his Instagram account. His comics are darkly humorous and will make your day begin with a smile. That’s why we bring you another collection of his recent comics in the following gallery.

Credit: My Gums Are Bleeding

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#1. He get us money

#2. Sip

#3. Mate


#4. Depression

#5. Fortune Teller

#6. Funny Joke


He says creating something funny is challenging. It requires a keen understanding of timing, human behavior, and what people find amusing. Successfully making someone laugh can be a source of great satisfaction for the artist. He further says positive feedback from readers, whether it’s online comments, social media shares, or simply hearing someone laugh, makes him happy and makes him work harder.

#7. Therapy Session

#8. Robbery

#9. Make Money


#10. Hands Up

#11. Machines

#12. Husband


#13. New Logo

#14. Brothers

#15. Texts


The artist has always enjoyed reading comic books, and he finds inspiration for his works in a variety of places, including jokes, news, Reddit, and scar meme pages. His comic is full of strange situations with deep twists and dark humor. We’re sure this blog was enjoyable for you. To view more of his comics, feel free to click here.

#16. Garbage

#17. World Record

#18. Starving


#19. Drug Test

#20. New Job

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