Here are the 25 Hilarious Comics Full of Twists and Unexpected Endings

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In a shockingly amusing and satirical manner, the artist portrays their beliefs in their webcomics. Dark comics are created by many different artists. However, very few of them were successful, and creating dark comics is challenging since it takes a lot of creativity and effort to find the perfect bad joke and twist it into something that isn’t quite so stupid. You’ve definitely come to the right site if you enjoy dark humor.


Today’s jokes are darkly humorous and will make your day begin with a smile. “My Gums Are Bleeding” is a webcomic in which the author depicts himself in a surprisingly hilarious and sarcastic way. The comic is filled with dark humor and weird circumstances with subtle twists. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the comic. Since he was young, the artist has enjoyed reading comic books, and he draws inspiration for his works from a variety of sources, including news, Reddit, scar meme pages, and jokes.

He used to produce roughly five comics a week, but to maintain the quality, he now only produces two. The art is rather simple compared to attempting to think up jokes; that is undoubtedly the difficult part. “I enjoy reading the comments on my Reddit and Instagram postings,” he says of the audience’s input, which is “generally good.” At the time of this writing, he has 8,578 followers on Instagram. The section after this one has some of his comics for you to read.

Credit: My Gums Are Bleeding

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