20 Mouse in Bubble Comics Portrays What It Feels Like Being a Girl


Today we are back with another collection of relatable comics that show what it feels like to be a girl. Let me introduce the web comic @Mouseinbubble, which belongs to the Instagram artist Abhi. The artist describes herself as a girl from a small village who paints. Posts from Mouse in Bubble usually contain relatable stuff, including funny incidents or moments that a lot of people can identify with.

On Instagram, she has a huge following of 200,000 followers. Her jokes serve as a gentle reminder to appreciate the beauty of the imperfect and find humor in life’s small disappointments. The writer’s use of humor and relevant situations in her illustrations is what really makes her comics appealing. Her work depicts the conflict between girls’ aspirations and the highly unpredictable realities of life. You can check out her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Mouse In Bubble

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#1. Mental Breakdown


#2. Don’t want ads

#3. cutie


#4. Plan

#5. So relatable


#6. Skin

She used to draw on the back of her notebook, and she always felt happier when she drew. Her brother convinced her to upload these sketches to Instagram when he saw them one day. She then posts her illustrations on Instagram. She began to receive positive comments from the crowd. After that, she started making comics in a professional manner. Now her comics are well-known in the world of comics. 

#7. Order Soon


#8. forgot password

#9. Can’t eat


#10. Look

#11. Wake up plan


#12. Trial Room

#13. Food Eaters


#14. Good Night message

She skillfully combines humor with relatable situations. We were interested in what motivated the artist to create these absurdly unpredictable scenarios. She claims that she notices little things in her daily life and humorously and realistically records those moments. We hope you all enjoy her comics. Please click this link to see more comics of this type.

#15. Nice dress


#16. Ever Experienced?

#17. Old face mask


#18. Not pregnant

#19. No time to clean


#20. Iron Deficiency

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