20 Witty Girl Comics That Perfectly Capture Expectations vs Realities

Comics that explore the theme of girls’ expectations versus realities offer a humorous and relatable insight into the lives of young women. These comics often depict the contrast between what girls envision or hope for and the amusingly different outcomes they experience in reality. From romantic relationships to career aspirations and daily routines, these comics playfully highlight the universal phenomenon of expectations not always aligning with real-life situations. These comics serve as a mirror to our own experiences, reminding us that life rarely adheres to our meticulously crafted scenarios.

Mouse In Bubble is an Instagram artist with the handle @mouseinbubble. The artist describes herself as a small-town girl who paints. Mouse In Bubble’s posts often feature relatable content, such as humorous situations or moments that many people can relate to. Her comics are a reminder to find humor in life’s little mishaps and embrace the beauty of imperfection. Through her art, the cartoonist celebrates the charm of human vulnerability, making her comics a delightful celebration of the human experience. She has 148,000 Instagram followers.

The charm of these comics lies in their ability to capture the essence of relatability. Girls of all ages can find themselves nodding in recognition as they see their own hopes and dreams humorously juxtaposed with the humorous realities of everyday life. These comics serve as a gentle reminder that it’s okay to have high expectations, but it’s equally important to embrace the imperfections and unique moments that make life so wonderfully unpredictable. So, whether you’re a young woman with dreams and aspirations or someone who appreciates the humor in life’s surprises, these comics are sure to bring a smile to your face and a sense of connection to the delightful journey of being a girl.

Credit: Mouse in Bubble

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#1. Cubby Belly

#2. Hair

#3. Getting ready

#4. Angry

#5. Meet

#6. Shaving

#7. Dreaming

#8. Stupid thing

#9. Upcoming event

#10. Sleep

#11. Eye liner

#12. Fitted dress

#13. Shopping

#14. Depression

#15. Falling

#16. For a minute

#17. Problems

#18. New hair style

#19. Period

#20. Brain

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