20 Comics by Moth Man That’ll Have You Bowing in Honor of His Twisted Mind

Aren’t people strange, though? Even to us, the eccentricities of human nature are all but commonplace, from taking selfies at the gym to how we associate with people we actively detest when there are festivals. But what would aliens believe of our contemporary world if they chose to settle here and hire an apartment? As a result, webcomic creator Moth Man created a whole series of comics that explicitly explored that concept.

Moth Man is an up-and-coming artist on Instagram whose distinct style and creative approach have captured the attention of art lovers and enthusiasts worldwide. The artist’s Instagram handle, @club.cryptid, boasts a following of over 157,000 followers who eagerly anticipate each new post. He is constantly pushing himself to improve and experiment with new techniques, and he regularly shares his process with his followers. This level of transparency and vulnerability has helped him build a strong and dedicated community of fans who appreciate his honesty and dedication.

Moth Man’s art style is a unique blend of dark and whimsical. His artwork often features eerie creatures, surreal landscapes, and fantastical characters, all rendered in a highly detailed and intricate style. The artist is known for his bold use of color and his ability to create a sense of depth and dimensionality within his art. Many of his pieces deal with themes of death, loss, and the darker aspects of human nature. However, he approaches these subjects with a sense of playfulness and whimsy that makes them approachable and thought-provoking. You can check his best 20 illustrations in the next section.

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Credit: Moth man

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#1. Merry Christmas!

#2. Group photo

#3. Best friend

#4. Very funny

#5. This is what a human looks like

#6. Communicates

#7. Superior and scary

#8. I like you dress

#9. Butt look amazing

#10. That’s my father

#11. Flash

#12. Love my curves

#13. I like to sing

#14. Girl’s night

#15. Pet cemetery

#16. Butt stuff

#17. Good night

#18. Enjoy the holidays

#19. Before a disaster

#20. Wasn’t be afraid

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