By Cartoonist “Moth Man”, Here are the 20 Fabulous and Colourful illustrations make you Laugh out Loud

If you are bored with everyday life and want to spend your time doing things that interest you and make you happy. Then we are here for you. Ready for a little more flavor? We have prepared another batch of crazy comics. for those who want a little break from their boring routines. We guarantee that your time will be worth it because you will forget all your problems and plunge into the world of happiness for a while.

Today we are here to introduce you to a webcomic series called “Club Cryptid”. The creative mind behind this amazing webcomic series named “Moth Man” does not reveal much about himself. The artist love has always been to draw cartoons that could make people laugh. Like most artists he began drawing early in life. He have already amused more than 155k followers on his instagram.

The artist is very good at driving the flow of the story and creating different situations for the main character to show their good sides. His comics always look attractive because of the bright color combinations. We have collected his best 20 illustrations in the next section. .You can scroll down and discover the crazy comics created by this wonderful artist.

Credit: Club Cryptid

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