20 Times This Artist Captures Moments That Happen in the Everyday Life of a Girl


In a world often shadowed by negativity and turmoil, Esther Gonzalez emerges as a beacon of positivity with her captivating digital illustrations. Hailing from Spain, Miss Pad Thai is an artist whose work not only showcases her remarkable talent but also reminds us to cherish the simple joys and discover beauty in the world around us. Her art has garnered significant recognition, drawing in a sizable following that admires her incredible creations.

Esther’s artistic journey is one fueled by her daily experiences and a keen eye for the extraordinary in the ordinary. Every stroke of her brush, whether it’s the fusion of ink and watercolor or the delicate manipulation of digital art tools, carries a sense of fluidity and motion. When asked about her wellspring of ideas, Esther humbly mentions, “I find inspiration in my daily life, movies, cartoons, cute couples, and other comics.” Remarkably, each comic strip is meticulously hand-drawn on paper, with Esther reserving Photoshop only for minor edits like fixing typos and adding color.

If You Want To Read Some Of Her Best Comics, Click Here and Here. Have A Wonderful Time!

Credit: Miss Pad Thai

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#1. Come Down


#2. Valentines Day

#3. Depressed Artist


#4. Go Out

#5. Perfect Skin


Esther’s art seamlessly weaves together elements of imagination, nature, and the essence of womanhood. Her digital artworks are adorned with intricately sketched and vividly colored feminine characters set against natural backdrops. These illustrations radiate a sense of harmony and beauty, inviting viewers into a world where imagination meets the vivid hues of reality.

#6. Have a good flight!

#7. Everything is okay


#8. First Night Together

#9. Idiot


#10. Taking Care

With over 110,000 followers on Instagram, Esther has garnered widespread acclaim for her artwork. Her pieces have not only captivated audiences online but have also graced the walls of numerous national and international art exhibitions. Esther’s creations evoke emotions, spark imagination, and beckon the viewer to appreciate the world through her artistic lens.

#11. The Pregnancy


#12. Relatable

#13. Just One


#14. Shop Assistants

#15. Soft Tummy


#16. Night People

#17. Crash


We’ve curated a selection of Esther’s finest drawings, each one a testament to her artistic prowess and unique perspective. Dive into her world of vibrant colors, intricate details, and an unwavering celebration of life’s beauty. Esther Gonzalez’s art serves as a gentle reminder that amidst life’s chaos, there exists an abundance of beauty waiting to be discovered. Her creations inspire us to find joy in the simplest of things and appreciate the artistry present in our everyday lives. With each stroke of her brush, Esther paints not just an image but an invitation to see the world through a lens of boundless wonder and appreciation.

#18. Living Together

#19. Commercials


#20. That’s Weird

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