Spanish Artist “Esther Gonzalez” illustrates Adorable Moments with her Boyfriend in 20 Comics




In a world full of negativity and chaos, Esther Gonzalez’s artwork is like a breath of fresh air. Her uplifting and inspiring digital illustrations not only showcase her artistic skills but also serve as a reminder to find joy in the little things and beauty in everything around us. She is a talented artist based in Spain, and she is one such artist who has gained significant recognition on the platform for her incredible artwork.

Each brushstroke she makes when she combines ink and watercolor to create a landscape expresses fluidity and motion. When asked where she gets her ideas, the author replies, “I get them largely from my daily life, but I also get them from movies, cartoons, cute couples, and other comics.” You should know that every single comic is hand-drawn on paper by the artist, who only uses Photoshop to fix typos and add color.

Esther blends imagination, nature, and womanhood in her fascinating digital artworks. Intricately colored and sketched feminine characters in natural settings can be seen in her artwork. She now has over 109,000 followers on Instagram, where her artwork has received widespread acclaim. Also, her artwork has been displayed at numerous national and international art exhibitions and occasions. Below, we’ve gathered a few of her best drawings. If you want to read some of her best comics, click here. Have a wonderful time!

Credit: Miss.pad thai

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#1. Everytime

#2. Things changes with time

#3. At my best

#4. With vs without boyfriend

#5. Weird things

#6. Going on a trip

#7. Breakfast

#8. See you future

#9. A wonderful experience!

#10. Going to supermarket

#11. Toxic relationship

#12. Sexy Goddess

#13. Black boots

#14. Relationship after few years

#15. Always hungry

#16. Others vs me

#17. Night people

#18. This is big!

#19. Look at my drawing

#20. How old is he?

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