How Life Goes with Boyfriend is Shown in Three Relatable Stories by Michelle Lam (20+ Comics)




Michelle Lam is a gifted artist who rose to prominence on Instagram by making relatable comics about her life with her boyfriend. Her comics are funny, heartwarming, and extremely relatable, and she has a sizable fan base of 415,000 on the platform. She has an uncanny ability to find humor in mundane circumstances, and her comics are frequently packed with clever wordplay and witty observations about life and love. 

The highs and lows of romantic partnerships are a major theme in her comics. She uses her artwork to capture the variety of pleasures and difficulties that come with being in a long-term relationship, from the commonplace little quarrels to the intimate and deeply felt moments that make it all worthwhile. She is so adept at capturing the subtleties of romantic interactions. Her characters are complex and multifaceted, just like actual people; they are never one-dimensional. Because readers can recognize themselves and their own connections in her work, it makes her comics feel even more relatable.

She uses her platform to share her experiences and personal views on relationships in addition to her artwork.  She is delightfully open about the difficulties that come with being in a committed relationship, and she frequently offers suggestions and pointers for overcoming those difficulties. Her comics about dating and life with her boyfriend serve as an example of how art can bring people together and depict the complexities of the human condition. Her art is certain to make you smile, reflect, and feel, whether you are in a relationship or not. The section after that has some of her most current artwork.

Credit: Mewtripled

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#1. Punishment Thong

I have always had this uncomfortable, old thong that I unintentionally purchased, for those of you who are asking what I am referring to. Since I began working from home, I’ve done less laundry, but since I always need underwear, I’m forced to use this worn-out thong as a last resort whenever I run out of underwear. 

#2. White T-Shirts

My boyfriend has a collection of white T-shirts that he often pairs with brown pants. He’s is basically like those cartoon characters that you see that have a wardrobe of the same outfits everyday.  While he truly values his new efficient sense of fashion.  You can understand the rest of the story by scrolling down. 

#3. Tend to be a morning person

I just find it funny how a lot of people with whom I have worked have noticed I tend to be a morning person, which contributed to my disciplined and productive persona. Little did they know my reasons for waking up were not because I was up to hustle and grind. You will surely understand the whole story by scrolling down. 

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