20 Mess by Accident Comics Shows Situations We All Face in Daily Life


Many comic strip creators can be found on various social media platforms. One of the artists we will talk about today is one of them. Let me present Mess by Accident, a comic strip. She’s putting his comics on Facebook and making everyone happy. Her comics depict events that occur in real life. Her depictions serve as a helpful reminder of the importance of the little things in life. That is the reason why he has a following of 3,600 people on Facebook.

She is a comic book artist who makes humorous, tiny comics that depict all the silly and awkward scenarios we encounter on a daily basis. The cartoonist claims that she began drawing cartoons when she was a young child. She used to make cartoons about the boys she was crushing on while in high school, but she didn’t continue doing so for a while after she graduated. But for you, we’ve gathered her best comics. Just scroll down and enjoy.

Credit: Mess by accident

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#1. Don’t you dare


#2. amazing artist

#3. rain lover


#4. winter night

#5. Art


#6. Poor Imagination

She is a French illustrator from Paris who is 24 years old. Her comics are so similar to what we experience day-to-day that there’s literally only one difference, one being real and the other fictional. However, she skillfully depicts each of these absurd scenarios in four panels. Her comics are the perfect way to spend your free time.

#7. Dignity


#8. Betrayal

#9. An workaholic needs help


#10. New born

#11. Dreams


#12. They disappear so fast

#13. Error


#14. Lazy

#15. brain dead


She claims that sometimes, particularly in the middle of the night, ideas just flow to her, and other times she has to think about them and look for motivation. Her goal is to be able to publish her own comic book and become a professional artist someday. Please click the share button if you think this blog is interesting.

#16. bad touch

#17. so slow


#18. Make him jealous and he will work

#19. before vs after


#20. death call

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