20 Merrivius Comics That Are Based on Fantasy Creatures and Monsters

When you look at things from a new perspective, humor could help even the most challenging situations appear less overwhelming. Those who can laugh in difficult situations seem more comfortable. Laughter boosts your spirits and makes it easier to overcome difficulties. To brighten your day, we have another excellent selection of comics for you today. in order for you to put the issues behind you in any way.

Merrivius is an online comics creator who creates comics featuring monsters and fantastical animals. His specialties include comics, art, speaking roles, and the field of animation. He creates stuff and works as an artist. He is well-known for his hilarious and endearing artwork. He maintains a community on Instagram where he shares his inventions and interacts with his followers, even if he only has 2,093 followers in comparison.

Credit: Merrivius

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We have collected some of his best comics for you in the following section to make your day better. If you are a fan of dark humor and want to see fantasy and monster creatures, then feel free to explore the following section along with your favorite snacks. We believe you people will have a great experience watching her comics.

#1. Just Die Already

#2. Let’s laugh at it

#3. Stop looking down at me


#4. Crash

#5. Ring is mine

#6. Foul Creature


#7. Pizza Day

He is the artist who feels that an idea for a comic should occasionally be in his mind in the background for several days, but it should typically come together in just a couple of minutes. Depending on the difficulty of the scene, he may spend one to four hours drawing a scene, during which time whatever dialogue he had in mind is usually improved and simplified.

#8. Need Something

#9. Dead Lifts


#10. Super Mario

#11. Mighty Minion

#12. Gather Around


#13. Having a conversation

#14. Assert Dominance

The artist’s main objective is to draw comics with a joyful fantasy style. His comics are typically pleasant and amusing. Those who love him can’t help but laugh at his amazing ideas. You will undoubtedly get a good laugh if you are a fan of dark humor. Keep checking back on our website for updates if you would like to see more comics of this kind.

#15. Back Off


#16. Got the brain

#17. Stop it

#18. Go away


#19. Evil Grandson

#20. Run Run

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