Here are 20 Fantastical Comics To Brighten Your Day by Cartoonist Brian King

Ever wondered about the magical minds behind those rib-tickling, fantastical comics that brighten up your day? Meet Brian King, the maestro behind Mayoking Comics, a world where laughter meets imagination. Brian’s journey didn’t start in a grand studio or an artistic enclave. Nope, it began in the backyard, under a tree, where a nine-year-old dreamer doodled his first comic character. “I’ve always wanted to make cartoons,” Brian recalls, a glint of nostalgia in his eyes. Fast forward a few years (okay, more than a few) to when Brian decided it was time to take that childhood dream seriously.


At 38, armed with a whole bunch of ideas and a steadfast determination, Brian embarked on a journey to bring his vibrant imagination to life. Mayoking Comics was born from that fiery passion, encompassing everything from whimsical fantasies to cheeky, relatable humor. “The goal,” Brian says with a grin, “is to make use of my creative spark and, hopefully, make people feel something.”

Credit: Mayoking Comics

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#1. Exercise

#2. Sleepy Kitty


#3. Bring me happiness

#4. Coming First


#5. Never Imagined

And feel something they do! With characters that leap off the page and scenarios that tickle the funny bone, Brian’s comics are a delightful reflection of his wild, untamed imagination. From a mischievous dragon with a penchant for cupcakes to a clumsy superhero trying to save the day (while stumbling over their own cape), Mayoking Comics is a rollercoaster ride through Brian’s mind. But it’s not just about creating giggles and guffaws. It’s about building connections. “Comics have this unique power to bring people together,” Brian muses. “I love that I can make someone across the globe chuckle at the same silly joke.”

#6. Love


#7. All Balanced

#8. Job of a therapist


#9. Truly Done

#10. Being Pulled


His 16,000-strong Instagram following stands as a testament to the impact of his work. Each post is not just a comic strip; it’s a tiny package of joy delivered to screens worldwide. The comments section reads like a gratitude journal, filled with laughter and appreciation for the smiles he spreads. Brian’s advice for aspiring artists? “Just start. Don’t wait for the perfect moment or the perfect idea. Grab a pencil, let your imagination roam free, and create. You never know where it might take you.”

#11. Welcome to Hell!

#12. Sadness


#13. Good Enough

#14. Certain Pose


#15. Aquarium

Mayoking Comics isn’t just about drawings and punchlines; it’s about embracing the inner child, celebrating imagination, and spreading laughter like confetti. Brian King, the man behind the cartoons, continues to weave magic, one panel at a time. So, here’s to childhood dreams, to creativity unleashed, and to Mayoking Comics—a gateway to laughter and wonder.

#16. Relax


#17. Leg Shift

#18. Exciting Guy


#19. Divorce

#20. Cleanse


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