20 Maven Comics Full of Dark Humor and Clever Jokes to Make You Laugh

The challenges and hardships of life never stop. The easiest method to deal with these difficulties is to take some time for relaxation and self-care. For this, you have to spend your time doing hobbies that you like. Enjoying comics is the ideal medium for this. Let me introduce Maven Comics which is the work of artist Maven. This well-liked web comic and animated series is well-known for its realistic characters, funny comedy, and dark humor.


He creates comics on a variety of topics, but they are mostly based on the character Maven herself in humorous situations. We have collected her best collection of comics for you. Although she is not so popular, her comics are worth watching. We hope her comics will make your day better because the humor in her comics can be observational, relatable, or even a bit strange, but it’s always entertaining.

Credit: Maven Comics

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#1. the Pigeon Returns

#2. Big Enough


#3. Research Funds

#4. Secrets Of Love


#5. It’s Coming

#6. These days are lost


Most of the ridiculous ideas, according to the artist, came to her during conversations with close friends. Later on, she combines those concepts into her comics with a lighthearted touch. The performer’s primary objective is to make her audience laugh with her smart puns and jokes. She always manages to make her audience laugh with her interesting illustrations because of her excellent drawing skills.

#7. Welcome to hell

#8. Philosophers


#9. Wise Oracle

#10. To be


#11. Particular Pose

#12. Know the difference


#13. Training

#14. Behold the Man


The majority of her comics are based on fantasy environments and cinematic characters. She claims that creating comics based on a fantastical world is her passion. She is a master at making us laugh at ourselves and the world around us by bringing humor into ordinary situations. Please remember to click the share button to share our blog if you think her comics are humorous as well.

#15. Friendly Tutorial


#16. Dress up

#17. Expecting


#18. Sniff Stress


#19. Beware

#20. Magic Mirror


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