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Marko Raassina Comics filled with jokes and unexpected endings have been a staple in the world of comics for decades. These comics are known for their witty humor and often incorporate elements of surprise to keep readers on their toes. One of the main reasons why comics filled with jokes and unexpected endings have been so popular is that they provide a sense of escapism. These comics offer readers a chance to forget about their daily problems and immerse themselves in a world of humor and laughter.

Today, we are here to bring you another artist. Meet Marko Raassina, a talented Instagram artist from Finland whose work is full of whimsy, humor, and heart. His unique style and ability to capture the essence of everyday life have earned him a dedicated following of 457,000 on Instagram. Marko Raassina’s illustrations often depict scenes from daily life, from mundane activities like cooking and cleaning to more meaningful moments like spending time with loved ones. His main aim is to bring smiles to the faces of his followers through his fantastic comics. 

He has a knack for capturing the small details that make each moment special, from the expressions on people’s faces to the textures of their surroundings. He has the ability to create relatable and heartwarming scenes. His illustrations often feature families, friends, and pets, reminding viewers of the joys of connection and community. He also includes thoughtful details that add depth to his work, like the way he portrays different body types and disabilities with sensitivity and inclusivity. You can enjoy his recent 20 illustrations in the next section and you can also read some of his previous posts on boredcomics by clicking here and here.

Credit: Marko Raassina

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#1. Finally confessed to him

marko raassina

#2. How to process this information

marko raassina

#3. OMG, He is ripped

marko raassina

#4. We just need to get this over

marko raassina

#5. She wants to fight you!

marko raassina

#6. Party poopers!

#7. I get your attention

#8. Romance Comics!

#9. Am I sick?

#10. Don’t go to that Hallway!

#11. Maybe!!!

#12. Sleep Paralysis

#13. Where do you always pop out?

#14. Seen anything spooky yet?

#15. Gonna take a bath instead!

#16. I believe in you

#17. Enjoy the sand too!

#18. Where’s jock?

#19. You are doing great!

#20. What the heck

marko raassina
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