One-Panel Jokes Artist Mark Parisi Back with 20 Fabulous Comics

The subject of our discussion is an old New England-born cartoonist who created the Off the Mark comic series. The creator is none other than Mark Parisi, who is the classic one-panel joke master. His comics focus on visual laughs, clever perspectives turned into laughs, and heartfelt humor. With everything potentially offending someone these days, comics provide people with joy and brightness.

You have to read his comics and become familiar with him if you consider yourself a serious lover of one-panel humor. Because it is a very popular comic series that has run for many years and has been published many times on Bored Comics, which you can read by clicking HereHere, And Here. Since 1987, this comic book series has been published in newspapers. His comic book series has won awards, including Best Newspaper Panel from the National Cartoonists Society.

After studying and creating artwork at Salem State College, he graduated in 1983. After graduating from college, he started sending drawings to newspapers and magazines. Off the Mark debuted in 1987, following the Universal Press Syndicate’s final recognition of his work. Now, he is well-known to 111,000 people from all over the world. If you are also one of them, then feel free to explore his best comics.

Credit: Mark Parisi Otm

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#1. Night Classes

#2. Discuss Boundaries

#3. Science


#4. First Costumer

#5. Don’t ask me to explain

#6. Just a matter of time


In 2008, 2011, and 2017, he was the recipient of the Best Newspaper Panel Award for Off the Mark three times. In 2013, he won the Best Greeting Card Award. He has drawn inspiration for his own work from other cartoonists. He studies other well-known illustrators’ work in order to improve his artistic skills.

#7. Company Vision

#8. trade secret

#9. Minimum Wages


#10. Coffee Grounds

#11. Living your best lives

#12. Stealing French Fries


He loved multiple artists’ works and, as a child, reproduced comic strips from newspapers on a regular basis. He was probably inspired to make his own comics by this early experience. He is an American cartoonist who has been drawing comic strips every day. 1961 saw his birth in England. His writing has won praise for its smart observations, wisdom, and comedy. For almost thirty years, readers have admired his realistic and witty humor.

#13. Using the computer

#14. Keep It Clean

#15. Get Discount


#16. Dog Schedule

#17. Stay Connected

With a great deal of expertise, Mark shared a few pieces of advice with others just starting out. He would advise beginners to pursue cartooning because they love it rather than because they hope to get famous. You never know what might happen if you follow your heart. With such dedication and motivation, you can become a well-known artist all over the world.

#18. No Way


#19. Ears Burning

#20. Happy Presidents Day

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