An American Cartoonist Giggles His Audience Only Through 20 Single-Panel Comics

In the ever-evolving world of comics and humor, some artists possess a remarkable knack for delivering laughter and amusement with a single stroke of their pen. Among these talented individuals, there exists a distinguished American cartoonist Mark Parisi, who stands out by crafting humor that comes alive in the confined space of a single panel. With an artistry that is both concise and impactful, this artist has mastered the art of making audiences giggle, ponder, and appreciate the art of brevity.


Mark Parisi is an Instagram artist who has an Instagram account under the handle @mark_parisi_otm with 104,000 followers as of September 2023. He is an American cartoonist and the creator of the single-panel comic strip Off the Mark, which has been running since September 1987. It is now syndicated in over 100 newspapers worldwide, and has also been featured on greeting cards, magazines, T-shirts, and other merchandise. His comics are a unique and challenging form of visual storytelling.

In a world where attention spans are dwindling, his comics provide the perfect vehicle for conveying humor quickly and effectively. Parisi’s comics are known for their clever humor and unexpected twists. He often uses his comics to explore the absurdities of everyday life, or to poke fun at current events. His comics are also notable for their simple, yet effective artwork. Parisi’s comics are a refreshing and unique take on the single-panel comic strip format. They are sure to make you laugh, and they may even make you think. Let’s take a look at some of his best illustrations. I hope everyone will enjoy these comics. Have a great time!

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Credit: Mark Parisi Otm

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#1. Sea Glass

#2. Rolling


#3. Light Humor

#4. Moisturize!


#5. Under a rest

#6. Conservations


#7. Mystery

#8. School


#9. Nice to meet you

#10. Embarrassing


#11. Leftover Parts

#12. Science


#13. Tattoo

#14. That Fall Day


#15. Ninja Sloth

#16. Great Job


#17. Every Time

#18. Always Double Down


#19. Little Close

#20. Humidity


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