20 Times Maria Scrivan Makes His Fans Laugh with Single-Panel Comics

Maria Scrivan is a well-known cartoonist who creates both daily comic strips and graphic novels. Her work is known for its humor, wit, and relatable observations about everyday life. She is better known for her web comic, Half Full. Itis her daily comic strip syndicated to newspapers nationwide. It features a cast of quirky characters navigating the ups and downs of life with a positive and often humorous outlook.

She has not shared so much information about herself. But her comics are well known in the world of Instagram artists. That’s why she won the 2019 National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award for greeting cards. Her work has been featured in publications like MAD Magazine, Highlights, National Lampoon, and more. She currently has 7,163 followers on her Instagram account. If you want to enjoy her comics, then keep scrolling.

Credit: Maria Scrivan

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#1. Owners

#2. Rabbit Yoga

#3. More boxes


#4. Writing

#5. Shadow

#6. Inspires


She is an experienced cartoonist, illustrator, and author from Stamford, England. The artist’s exceptional skill at drawing single-panel comics has helped her establish a reputation. Her work also extends to greeting cards, where she licenses her designs to companies like Recycled Paper Greetings and American Greetings. Her cards often feature humorous and heartwarming messages, making them popular choices for various occasions.

#7. Hibernate

#8. Selfie Time

#9. Shell


#10. Dog Door

#11. Treat

#12. Thinking


#13. Chance

#14. That’s Hilarious

#15. Dog Owner


#16. Three Wishes

Her comics touch on everyday experiences and challenges that many people can relate to, making them both funny and heartwarming. Her ability to capture hilarious moments only on one panel makes her different from other artists. She regularly created new comics and posted them on her Instagram account and her personal website. If you want to enjoy her earlier articles on our website, then simply click here and here.

#17. Little Long

#18. Shaken


#19. thought


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