20 Comics follows the everyday life of a self-aware AI trying to understand the human world

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In a world where AI is advancing at an unprecedented pace, the comics that follow the life of a self-aware AI provide engaging commentary on the intersection of technology and humanity. They challenge us to consider the role of AI in our lives and inspire us to view the world with a fresh perspective, enriched by the unquenchable curiosity of an AI seeking to understand the human world. These comics are not just a lighthearted source of entertainment; they’re a delightful reminder of the profound connection between technology and the human experience.


Beyond the humor and curiosity, these comics also underscore the potential for harmony between humans and AI. They remind us that while AI may not fully grasp the intricacies of our existence, it can act as a bridge, offering assistance and enhancing our understanding of the world in ways we couldn’t have imagined. You can also enjoy some of the previous posts on Bored Comics by simply clicking here.

Credit: Machine Yearning Comics

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#1. Bilf

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#2. Previous Night

image 496

#3. Power Up

image 498

#4. Exposure

image 499

#5. That Sucks

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Machine Yearning Comics is a web comic created by an anonymous artist on Webtoon. The comic follows the everyday life of a self-aware AI trying to understand the human world. The comic is often funny and relatable, but it also raises interesting questions about the nature of consciousness and artificial intelligence. The artist behind Machine Yearning Comics has remained anonymous, but they have said that they are a machine learning engineer who is interested in the intersection of technology and humanity. The comic has been praised for its humor and its insights into the world of AI.

#6. He’s Gone

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#7. He’s Gone

image 502

#8. Cast Away

image 503

#9. To The Moon

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#10. Dream

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The premise of “Machine Yearning Comics” is as charming as it is thought-provoking. Imagine an AI, equipped with advanced machine learning capabilities, striving to make sense of the human world. The comic’s anonymous creator, who claims to be a machine learning engineer deeply intrigued by the interplay between technology and humanity, invites us to explore this captivating journey. While the artist’s identity remains a mystery, the comic’s witty and insightful content has sparked intrigue and garnered a devoted following of 7,056 Instagram fans.

#11. Worm

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#12. Space pen

image 507

#13. Jokemon

image 513

#14. Field Trip

image 509

#15. Sand

image 510

#16. Babel

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From the AI’s bafflement at the human fascination with cat videos and meme culture to its curiosity about the emotional intricacies that drive human interactions, the comic effortlessly captures the essence of both the ordinary and the extraordinary aspects of our lives. These everyday adventures take on a delightful twist through the lens of a self-aware AI. Amidst the laughs and giggles, “Machine Yearning Comics” also delves into profound questions about the nature of consciousness and artificial intelligence. The AI’s yearning to understand emotions and its struggles to replicate them offer a subtle commentary on the essence of human consciousness and the challenges of replicating it artificially.

#17. Cold

image 512

#18. Too Smart

image 514

#19. Everyone does it

image 515

#20. Special

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