This Artist Makes Hilarious and Dark 20 Comics with unexpected twists

It’s a rare thing that comic artists do not follow other comic artists, and in this respect, “Machine Yearning Comics” falls in this category. This artist makes comics with unexpected twists. This artist’s comics theme is different from other artists who makes comics.

The artist says that “My main goal is to make comics that I find interesting or fun in some way, and if other people like them as well then that is a welcome bonus”.As we can see this artist is not popular as other artists but dark comic lovers will surely enjoy these comics.

This artist has a dark sense of humor. This artist makes comics for “humans” and also posts comics on every Monday and Thursday. On Saturday, there are throwback comics. There are a lot of comics for dark humor fans in the section below. If u want to enjoy all those comics then scroll down in the gallery below.

Credit: Machine Yearning Comics

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