20 Loryn Brantz Comics Shows Relatable Situations of Being a Woman

Loryn Brantz is an American author and illustrator, particularly known for her work in children’s books, web comics, and illustrations that often center around feminism, women’s issues, and humor. She was born in 1986. The artist started her career in animation, winning two Emmy Awards for her work on Sesame Street. Now, it is one of the best web comics all around the world.


American artist and creator Loryn Brantz is focused on lady-related topics and the empowerment of women. She lives in New York City with her child and her partner, Jake J. Brotter. Later, she turned her attention to producing content for both adults and children, using humorous jokes and lively pictures to explore themes of individuality, self-acceptance, and empowerment. Here are some of her most recent comics to enjoy.

Credit: Loryn Brantz

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#1. Some things never change

#2. Free Time


#3. Peak productivity

#4. Awkward


#5. No Escape

#6. Friends with Kids


She shows gender equality and other feminist topics in a way that is accessible and engaging for young readers and adults alike. Her work celebrates diversity, challenges stereotypes, and encourages self-confidence. She has a huge audience of 488,000 followers on her Instagram account. She is also active on various social media platforms. On Facebook, she also has a very huge audience of 661,000 followers.

#7. After the shower

#8. Different


#9. Little walk

#10. fresh Groceries


#11. It’s only polite

#12. Having Kids


#13. Suspicious

#14. Angry Whisper


#15. Pregnancy

She composed and illustrated a famous book named Feminist Baby. The artist actively engages with her fans through online platforms and participates in events advocating for social change. She also offers workshops and resources for aspiring creators, encouraging them to use their voices to tell meaningful stories. If you like her comics, don’t forget to share this blog. For her earlier comics, click here.

#16. Easy to use


#17. Baby is sleeping

#18. Gender Reveal Party


#19. Combing

#20. Workout


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