20 Times Cartoonist Lonnie Millsap Makes His Fans Laugh With One-Panel Jokes


Lonnie Millsap is a cartoonist who is famous for making people laugh through one-panel jokes. He creates humorous comics that focus on everyday situations with a twist. He also has a career as a commercial artist. The artist has created logos and graphics for various companies and organizations, showcasing his artistic versatility. He finds humor in the simple moments, capturing the frustrations and funny moments of daily life in a lighthearted way.

He’s the man behind the well-known webcomic Bacon. He resides in Los Angeles, California. Like many other artists, he began sketching at an early age. The artist makes bizarre comics for his fans. For cartoonist Lonnie Millsap, making people laugh has always been his passion. New comics are often released by Millsap, frequently multiple times a week. His unique style is characterized by clean lines, emotional characters, and sharp humor. There are 13,000 followers on his Instagram account right now. Scroll down to see some of his best comics.

Credit: Lonnie Millsap

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#1. Like to refer


#2. Free Lemonade

#3. Look Smaller


#4. Fortune Cookie

#5. After Math


#6. Good Dinner

He sometimes creates graphics and logos as a freelance artist, along with sketching. In addition, he published many comic books. His comics have been featured as a guest at the Pasadena Comic Convention and Toy Show. This suggests he’s active in the comic convention scene and might participate in future events.

#7. Thinking


#8. Predator Poetry

#9. Concept of toilets


#10. Over weight

#11. Never Completed


#12. Not You

#13. Order


#14. Doggy Dating

#15. Pizza


#16. Staring

Although he finds humor in everyday situations, Millsap has a day job too. He mentions working in middle management while continuing to pursue his passion for creating cartoons. Overall, Lonnie Millsap is a creative individual who uses humor to find amusement in everyday life. If you enjoy cartoons that capture the funny side of the ordinary, his work might be worth checking out. For this, you have to simply click here and here.

#17. Noticed


#18. Still dead

#19. Got your nose


#20. Ghost

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