Here are 20 Hilarious Single-Panel Comics by Cartoonist Lonnie Millsap

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Everyone loves to enjoy single-panel comics because it is the best way to enjoy our free time. Instead of multi-panel comics, single-panel comics offer humor in a concise form and convey the whole story in one panel. Let me introduce you to the Instagram account named @lonniemillsap, which belongs to comic artist Lonnie Millsap, creator of the popular web comic Bacon.


He lives in California’s Los Angeles. As with many other artists, he started drawing at a young age. He creates crazy comics for his followers. The passion of cartoonist Lonnie Millsap has always been making people laugh. Millsap publishes new comics frequently, often several times a week. Clean lines, expressive characters, and clever humor define his unique style. There are 12,500 followers on his Instagram account right now. You can check out his best comics by scrolling down.

Credit: Lonnie Millsap

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#1. Optimist

image 174

#2. Heaven

image 178

#3. Innocent Question

image 176

#4. Stop Eating

image 177

#5. Bad Feeling

image 179

#6. Worst Case

image 180

Along with drawings, he sometimes works as a freelance artist to create graphics and logos. He published a lot of comic books as well. The artist claims that it is challenging to depict the whole story in a single picture. The creator finds it challenging to express his unique humor in one-panel comics. As you can see, not many artists create single-panel comics for this reason.

#7. Foodie

image 181

#8. Blindness

image 182

#9. Behind the scenes

image 183

#10. Refreshing

image 184

#11. Christmas

image 185

#12. Future

image 187

#13. Private Thoughts

image 188

A wide number of topics are covered in Millsap’s comics, with a usual focus on the ridiculous and amusing aspects of daily life. From everyday interactions to social observations, he finds humor in the ordinary and gently exposes the human situation. If you find his comics funny, then be sure to like this blog. Click on these links for extra entertainment: here, here, and here.

#14. Growing

image 189

#15. No Wonder

image 190

#16. Delicious Meal

image 191

#17. Awakening

image 192

#18. Frosty

image 193

#19. Bad News

image 194

#20. Holiday Tragedy

image 186

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