Long Comic Strips Shows the Relationship Between God and Humanity in an Amusing Way (41 Drawings)

The relationship between God and humanity is a profound and complex subject that has been explored in various ways throughout history. While many discussions and interpretations are serious and deeply theological, there is also room for exploring this relationship in an amusing and lighthearted manner. Some comedians and writers use humor to depict God as a playful or mischievous figure who interacts with humanity in amusing ways. This approach often emphasizes the lighter side of faith and spirituality.

Satire is a common tool for exploring the relationship between God and humanity in an amusing way. Satirical works may highlight the foibles and idiosyncrasies of religious institutions, beliefs, and practices, all while eliciting laughter and reflection. Today we bring another artist who makes comics on such topics. If you want to explore his comics in order to tickle your funny bone, then scroll down to the section below.

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Credit: Adventures of God

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#1. Different Perspectives

#2. Belief is about a leap of faith

Adventures of God” is a webcomic series created by the artist Corey Jay and writer Matteo Ferrazzi. The comics explore humorous and often irreverent takes on various aspects of religion, spirituality, and the divine. The central character in these comics is a bored and somewhat mischievous God who navigates the complexities of managing the universe and dealing with quirky, often exasperating, angels. The webcomic takes a humorous approach to the afterlife and heaven, portraying God as a ruler with a fragile ego and a drinking problem.

#3. Airline Food

Aog Comics is known for its humor, heartwarming moments, and unique take on religious themes. The comic often explores topics such as the relationship between God and humanity, the nature of good and evil, and the meaning of life. Ferrazzi and Jay have a knack for writing funny and relatable jokes, even when dealing with serious topics. The comic is sure to make you laugh, even if you’re not religious. His comedy can address deep philosophical questions about the divine-human relationship, prompting viewers or readers to think about their beliefs in a more lighthearted context.

#4. Everyone’s a critic

#5. Want to be loved

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