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Aog Comics is a popular webcomic series created by Instagram artist Matteo Ferrazzi. With over 103,000 followers on Instagram, “Adventures of God” has become a beloved series among fans of humor and satire. The webcomic series follows the adventures of God, who has grown tired of his daily routine of creating and managing the universe. Instead, God decides to take a break and spend his time on Earth, where he experiences the joys and frustrations of being a mortal.

The comedy in “Adventures of God” is frequently irreverent and satirical, making lighthearted fun of social and religious conventions. The show covers a broad variety of subjects, including the absurdity of celebrity culture and the struggles of modern life on a daily basis. He distinguishes himself from other webcomics with his stunning graphic design. His background is in animation, and his use of vivid hues, dynamic poses, and intricate backgrounds define his art style.

His illustrations capture the viewer’s attention and are visually arresting, engrossing them in the world of the series. All things considered, “Adventures of God” is a must-read for comedy and humor enthusiasts. It offers a distinctive and entertaining viewpoint on the world around us and serves as a gentle reminder not to take life too seriously with its clever writing, stunning visuals, and irreverent tone. The following part contains a collection of his best illustrations. Scroll down to the part below if you want to read these stories.

Credit: Aog Comics

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#1. Forbidden to take any fruit from that tree

God forewarns Adam and Eve in this story line not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, but they succumb to the serpent’s temptation and consume the fruit. The Forbidden Fruit storyline, despite its irreverent tone, also has a deeper lesson about the perils of temptation and the results of disobedience. The series examines how easy it is for people to give in to temptation and how challenging it is to avoid the allure of forbidden pleasures through the story of Adam and Eve’s fall from grace.

#2. Tickets to fairy princess

Jim is given a ticket to the Fairy Princess Ball, a magical occasion that happens once a year in the realm of fairies, at the start of the narrative. Along the way, Jim meets a variety of odd and colorful characters, including a group of naughty goblins and a talking tree. To read the entire tale, scroll down to the section below.

#3. All animals go to heaven

This story explores the concept of animals having their own version of the afterlife. In this world, animals have their own heaven, which is depicted as a lush and idyllic landscape where they can play, eat, and relax without the worries of the mortal world.

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