20 Times Artist Lome Finds Humor and Beauty in Everyday Life

Enjoying free time from your daily busy schedule makes your mind real. However, there are some benefits as well. We now enjoy and value some of the things we previously took for granted more than ever. We have come to understand that happiness comes from the little things in life. Our daily lives, with their routines and the unexpected little things that happen within them, are among those things that are commonly ignored.

Instagram user Lome created the account Lome Comics. She creates comics and finds love and laughter in the little things in life. Her comics simply but sweetly portray ordinary moments, joys, and problems of life. Her father, an artist, inspired her to look for a career in the visual arts, which led her to develop a passion for them. After following her father’s advice, she started making comics.

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She used to just share her illustrations with her friends, but after receiving support, she joined the social media community and began posting on Instagram. She made the decision to keep posting comics to her Instagram account after receiving supportive remarks from the audience. She gained 12,800 followers on Instagram as a result of doing this. Her finest comics are included in the section below.

#1. So Expensive

#2. Out of the question

#3. Here is my phone?


#4. Picking Up Stuff

#5. Liberty leading the people

#6. Please Help


She highlights the charm, humor, love, and joy that come with enjoying what appears to be a typical world. The artist has a degree in illustration and animation, and because her father was an artist as well, she has always been interested in the visual arts. She enjoyed sharing it only with her friends at first, and perhaps things would have stayed that way if not for her friend’s encouragement to put the comics on Instagram. That’s the way it all began.

#7. Remove All Your makeup

#8. Is she breathing?

#9. Dancing with myself


#10. Not my birthday

#11. Real World

The artist said that she finds humor in unexpected scenarios and uses them as inspiration. Her major point is that, despite the circumstances, she is doing her best to find humor and, hopefully, make other people smile as well. To put it another way, she is thinking logically. It seems strange that observing someone’s day-to-day activities could be so interesting, but in this particular case, it is.

#12. What happened here?


#13. Love of life

#14. Everyone is getting puppies

#15. Freezing


#16. Feeling Bored

Many individuals may relate to the situations and experiences she describes in her comics since they are everyday. The story and humor remain center stage because of the artist’s simple, appealing style. Her comics manage to be both warm and funny, even when they tackle real-life issues. Simply go Here And Here to check out Lome Comics if you are seeking comics that are relatable and humorous.

#17. Just add some water

#18. Workout Routine


#19. Got a stick

#20. Hair is so glossy

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