20 Lollibeepop Comics Shows Her Struggles Faced Being a Young Girl

Lollibeepop is an Instagram account created by a very talented female artist named Bee. She is a comic artist who shows relatable situations in a humorous way. She is a freelance illustrator famous for her work on Disney characters and other creations. Her comics focus on the daily life of a 20-year-old girl who experiences the struggles and awkwardness that young adult girls mostly face.


In Bee’s comics, awkward circumstances, worries, and humor typical of a young adult are experienced by a character who looks a lot like her. On social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, where she goes by The Beehive, Bee’s comics have amassed 342,000 followers. Her comics are also available on Facebook and her website, but she mainly shares them on Instagram and Twitter. The next section contains a collection of her best illustrations.

Credit: Lollibeepop

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#1. Gaining Weight


#2. Bargains


#3. Hilarious

#4. Forced to Meet New People


#5. My Entity of Hair

#6. Talking on the Phone in Public


Bee is a graphic design student. She started working in the comics field in early 2016. She never would have thought to launch a webcomics series. It wasn’t planned as a result. She started making comics and drawings as a way to spend the time when she got home from school or work. It eventually became her passion, and she made the decision to dedicate the rest of her life to making comics.

#7. The Baby Store

#8. Home Alone


#9. Waiting for Packages

#10. Eating on a Budget


#11. Looser

#12. Selfies


#13. Too Full

#14. Overwhelmed


The spirit of the teenage years can be seen in Bee’s comics, especially the challenges faced by youngsters.  Her comedy explores the awkwardness of everyday life, our shared inner conversations, and the difficulties of growing up. If you are also going through this phase, you have definitely enjoyed this blog. For more of her earlier posts, visit our website. Feel free to click here ,Here And Here.

#15. Confessing to Mutual Artists

#16. Party of One


#17. Covering Blemishes

#18. Library Anxiety


#19. Hungry With a Tiny Tummy

#20. Regret


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