A Cartoonist Perfectly Captures Relatable Experiences With a Refreshing Blend of Humor in 20 Comics


In the boundless expanse of the internet, nestled amid pixels and screens, resides a webcomic that’s more than just a series of panels—it’s a portal to laughter. Loading Artist, the brainchild of the talented Gregor Czaykowski, beckons readers into a realm where humor meets artistry in delightful harmony.

Gregor Czaykowski, alias Gregor the “Loading Artist,” is a maestro of wit and illustrations, a Canadian native who ventured into the realm of webcomics back in 2011. His pseudonym, a nod to those pesky loading screens in video games, hints at the anticipation readers feel before diving into his vibrant, humorous world.

The magic of Loading Artist lies in its diversity. It’s a medley of standalone comic gags and short series, all wrapped in Gregor’s unique blend of humor and art. From the quirks of everyday life to the nuances of technology and pop culture, his comics resonate with a global audience by embracing the absurd and relatable moments we all encounter.

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Credit: Loading Artist

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#1. Christmas!


#2. Youtube

#3. Stress


#4. Happy Black Friday

What sets Gregor’s work apart is his ability to balance whimsy with depth. His characters, with their expressive faces and clean lines, leap off the screen, inviting readers to chuckle at life’s peculiarities while occasionally pausing for introspection. Through his simple yet evocative style, Gregor crafts a connection that transcends borders, languages, and cultures.

#5. Costume Party


#6. RIP

#7. Photos


#8. What’s Wrong?

But it’s not just about the comics themselves; it’s about the community Gregor has cultivated. He’s not merely an artist but a conductor, orchestrating discussions and giving behind-the-scenes peeks into his creative process on various social media platforms. This engagement has fostered a devoted fanbase eagerly awaiting each new creation—a testament to the profound impact of Gregor’s work.

#9. Frog


#10. Almost Forgot

#11. Last Bug Not Least


#12. Pumpkin

The Loading Artist’s Gallery is a treasure trove of laughter and insight, showcasing the world through Gregor’s artistic lens. From dissecting social interactions to exploring the maze of relationships and the quirks of our digital age, every comic is a miniature masterpiece.

#13. Ghost Stories


#14. Boo

#15. Serious Crime


#16. Mail Man

#17. Haunted!


As Gregor’s artistic journey continues, so does the anticipation. With a fanbase growing by the day, numbering a staggering 492,000 strong, there’s an electric buzz of excitement surrounding each new comic release. Within those panels, readers find not just humor but a reflection of their own lives—a testament to the enduring brilliance of Gregor Czaykowski, the Loading Artist.

#18. How to haunt!

#19. Help!


#20. Light Meal

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