20 Liz Climo Comics Shows Animals Experiencing Everyday Situations


Liz Climo is a cartoonist who creates adorable and quirky comics featuring animals in everyday situations. Her comics, titled The Little World of Liz Climo, are heartwarming and humorous and have gained a large following of 1 million followers online. Her comics feature a variety of animals dealing with everyday situations. The artist’s comic’s main theme focuses on the power of friendship and how it can help us through tough times.

She often illustrates comics featuring characters that are animals, such as penguins, bears, and bunnies. Just like people, they move about their daily lives, facing challenges and overcoming everyday problems. The primary idea is to portray the common pleasures and difficulties of life as seen through the perspective of lovable animal characters. Some of his best comics have been gathered for your enjoyment. If you want to appreciate them, keep scrolling.

Credit: Liz Climo

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#1. Just Jealous


#2. New Jeans

#3. Don’t even Know


#4. Hungry

#5. Noise Machine


#6. You too

Her unique style creates a universe that is appealing and familiar by combining sweet humor with an awareness of silly wonder. Her fans usually find humor in her comics. Such cartoons are mostly made with the intention of spreading uplifting ideas and making people smile. Her comics, which are mostly wordless, still manage to portray universal themes of family, friendship, love, and the beauty of the natural world. 

#7. So fun


#8. Wholesome

#9. Pumpkin Pie


#10. Pretty Scary

#11. Scary Movie


#12. Decoration

#13. You had one job


#14. Thanks

#15. Gross


Liz Climo’s comics are popular for her simple yet expressive art style and her relatable humor. They are a great way to add a little laughter and joy to your day. You can find her comics on social media platforms and also enjoy them by simply clicking here and here. If you find this blog interesting, then don’t forget to share it.

#16. horror stories for dogs

#17. So real


#18. Toy boat

#19. Dress


#20. Danger

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