20 Little Animated Me Comics about Silly Moments to Make You Giggle

We never disappoint you with the unique and fascinating appeal of artists. Let’s have some fun and honor these charming comic book creators. It’s time for us to introduce you to an artist whose works are eye-catching and filled with jokes and clever puns, because not many people consider the artists who make comics about random topics to be valuable or potential enough to make people laugh.


The artist we are about to introduce will surely make you laugh by capturing silly moments. Little Animated Me is a web comic series you should get to know. The artist behind this web comic is Kirsten Stoner. The color scheme of the comics is quite appealing, and the artist is a very talented cartoonist. Her comics are always fun to read as a result. She presently has 3,591 followers on his Instagram account, and that figure is growing. Continue scrolling to view her finest selection of comics.

Credit: Little Animated Me

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#1. Mom told me


#2. Let’s do this


#3. Make up look

#4. Chubby Squirrel


#5. Chocolate pudding

#6. Funniest thing


Because the artist claims she dislikes being limited to a single style, she creates comics on a variety of subjects. Additionally, drawing comics in a single style is a challenging way to entertain readers. She draws comics based on the absurd and humorous events in her life. The creator produces highly relevant comics that explore familiar subjects. With lots of hilarious, strange, and unexpected jokes that are guaranteed to make you smile as well.

#7. Gym membership

#8. took a vacation


#9. Drinking

#10. Christmas Shopping


#11. Clothing store

#12. Got a thread


#13. Good walk

#14. Stole my thunder


She wishes to show you that you are not alone and that many others experience similar problems. She uses the platform to communicate with other artists and challenge her boundaries of creativity by sharing her artwork. But her unique approach and relatable subjects soon caught the interest of other artists as well as her devoted following. Please click the share button if you think this blog is interesting.

#15. Bad joke

#16. The rain


#17. Wanna bet?


#18. The magic trick

#19. Took my seat


#20. Possible time

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