20 Library Comics Shows the Everyday Life of a Worker in a Library

Library Comic is a web comic created by artist Daniel Duncan. It follows the daily life of a librarian named Ms. Bookworm and her patrons. His comics are known for their humor, heartwarming moments, and celebration of libraries and reading. Ms. Bookworm and the library patrons are all unique and relatable characters. Readers can easily see themselves or their friends in the comic.


Basically This web comic was created by a team of comic creators whose names are Gene AmbaumWillow Payne, and Pat Coleman. His comics are full of funny moments, from Ms. Bookworm’s dry wit to the patrons’ quirky personalities. The web comic also has its fair share of heartwarming moments, such as when Ms. Bookworm helps a child find the perfect book or when a couple reconnects over a shared love of reading. By capturing such themes, he has 72,200 followers. Let’s enjoy his best comics.

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#1. Never have a time


#2. Let’s See


#3. Lost and Found

#4. Self Checkout


#5. Rest Room

His comics portray a varied cast of characters, representing a variety of people who use libraries, both employees and users. Comic books from the library can provide heartfelt moments in addition to laughter. People smile because they are able to relate to these scenarios, which makes them laugh, and the artist always depicts these moments in an amusing way.

#6. Just Come Back Later


#7. Therapy Bunnies

#8. Not look Good


#9. So confusing

#10. Not here


#11. Good Books

#12. Have to deal


#13. Rough Day

#14. This is terrible


#15. That’s my suggestion

Library Comic is a love letter to libraries and the important role they play in our communities. If you’re looking for a funny, heartwarming comic that celebrates the joys of reading and libraries, then Library Comic is definitely worth checking out. You can also check out more of his comics on our website. For this, you have to simply click on these links: here and here.

#16. Found


#17. Some Advice

#18. Returning


#19. International Water

#20. They are missing


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