20 Relatable Comics That Perfectly Cover Everyday Library Life

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Libraries are common experiences in many people’s lives. Comics use these everyday scenarios and make them funnier by highlighting unique features, fears, and awkward interactions. These situations hit reality for us, which makes them funny in a realistic way. Humor is created by a comparison between the serious mood and these unexpected moments.


Meet a new artist who goes by the name Library Comic on Instagram. The account was created by a team of comic creators, including Gene Ambaum, Willow Payne, and Pat Coleman. They also feature guest comic artists from time to time. He frequently draws sympathetic, humorous, and heartfelt drawings about anything and everything linked to libraries. They cover everything from how to choose the ideal book to how to handle rowdy customers in a library. In the part that follows, let’s explore some of their best comics.

Credit: Library Comic

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#1. Library Life

image 1176

#2. Lower the volume

image 1177

#3. What are you doing?

image 1178

#4. Start Writing

image 1179

#5. Probably

image 1180

#6. Worth Reading

image 1181

Beyond the laughs, library comics can also offer heartwarming moments. The artist always captures these moments in a hilarious way, and by doing so, he brings a smile to people’s faces because they can relate to these situations, which makes them laugh. That’s why he currently has a huge audience of 72,600 followers on Instagram.

#7. Jus a librarian

image 1182

#8. Different Conversation

image 1183

#9. Library Rules

image 1184

#10. Research

image 1185

#11. What’s funny?

image 1186

#12. Always Laughing

image 1187

#13. List of Titles

image 1188

#14. Painting

image 1189

All things considered, comics depicting the ordinary lives of libraries make us laugh because they blend funny language, strange characters, relevant circumstances, and touching moments. They make us chuckle and serve as a helpful reminder of the value of libraries in our lives by appealing to our shared love of reading, education, and the distinct ambiance they create. Have a great day.

#15. Coffee

image 1190

#16. Water Fountain

image 1191

#17. Ignore Them

image 1192

#18. Making a mess

image 1193

#19. Apology Accepted

image 1194

#20. Ghosts

image 1195

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