20 Hilarious Single-Panel Jokes By Laughing Hippo Studio To Make You Laugh

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It is true that single-panel humor always makes people laugh more than four-panel comics. Both formats have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to humor. In single-panel format, we can see one clever punchline make people laugh in just one second. On the other hand, there are twists in every panel. Most of the artists find it difficult to make single-panel comics because they are all about one punchline.


From those artists, there is one with the name Laughing Hippo Studio on Instagram. The brilliant author who owns this comic series is Doug Hill. For him, it is very easy to make single-panel humor comics. That’s why he has 1,829 posts on his Instagram account, and he updates comics on a regular basis on his profile. He makes comics based on clever jokes and observations from daily life.

On Instagram, there are about 5,522 people who followed him. His witty and joyful one-panel comics are highly known. His simple, friendly cartooning style has gained recognition for being reflective of newspaper comics. Funny scenarios that are relevant, especially to older viewers, jokes, clever comedy, and unexpected turns are common components of humor.

Credit: Laughing Hippo Studio

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Here are some of his best single-panel comics:

#1. Basket Ball

image 973

#2. Returns

image 974

#3. Shopping

image 975

#4. Too Many Cooks

image 976

#5. Police Department

image 977

#6. Going to have a bird

image 978

#7. The First Attracted to Me

image 979

He is an expert at creating humorous and one-panel comics. Doug Hill draws inspiration for his humor from daily events, connections with family, and even relationships that make sense. For those who appreciate classic dad jokes, they might be funny, but they frequently come with a new twist and surprising turn. His comics never fail to make people laugh out loud.

#8. World’s Largest Ball

image 981

#9. Diet Plan

image 982

#10. Great Cardio

image 983

#11. Divorce

image 984

#12. Have to Hold It

image 985

#13. Too Busy Pollinating

image 986

He thinks that over the past few years, social media sites like Instagram have become more prominent, which has made it simpler for artists to publish their work. According to him, this is a simple design that uses the creator’s ability to convey a lot of humor in a single frame. Additionally, it is hard for artists to make a viewer laugh with just one panel and one joke. For more enjoyment, feel free to click HereHere, And Here.

#14. Staring At Me

image 987

#15. Not there Anymore

image 988

#16. This Space Available

image 989

#17. Cut Down

image 990

#18. Clinic

image 992

#19. Glad to leave this party

image 993

#20. Surprise

image 994

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