20 Last Place Comics Shows Bizarre Situations with Surprised Twists

Last Place Comics is a webcomic known for its absurd humor and […]

Last Place Comics is a webcomic known for its absurd humor and bizarre situations. It was created by a talented artist whose name is Zach Cranor. He describes it as filled with weirdness, tears, and even death, but he promises you’ll still have a great time. He creates multi-panel comics and long comic strips that explore the unexpected and often hilarious side of life.

Zach Cranor is the genius behind the webcomic series Last Place Comics. Additionally, Zach primarily uses dark humor in his comics, as seen on Instagram. His humorous and dark humor comics are updated on his Instagram account, which he maintains for his fans. It has allowed him to gather 169,000 Instagram followers. The numbers are still rising as time goes by. Let’s check out a few of his most exceptional comics.

Credit: Last Place Comics

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#1. Breaking Through

#2. Mario

#3. Plumber’s Cement


#4. Stop that

#5. Triangle

#6. Four Way Arm-Wrestle


He creates funny comic strips with a touch of dark humor in them. Through his comics, he deals with topics like life, death, relationships, technology, and many more. His comic often features charming characters like a cat, a cactus, and a group of friends constantly facing strange situations.

#7. Bird Dress

#8. Why So Glum?

#9. New Fish


#10. Emotions

#11. Wrong place

#12. Anonymous


#13. Home security solution

If you’re looking for a web comic that’s anything but ordinary, Last Place Comics is definitely worth checking out. Hopefully, everyone likes the blog. Don’t forget to share it. Let me know if you have any other questions about Last Place Comics or your favorite comic. You can also check out his previous articles on Bored Comics by simply clicking here and here.

#14. Clone dinosaurs

#15. Great job


#16. Scream

#17. Planking

#18. Stab


#19. Bad Dog

#20. The Power

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