20 Larkness Comics Shows the Thoughts and Feelings of Birds and a Cat

You have seen many comics based on humans and their silly things. But you may have seen a few artists who create comics based on animals. One of the artists is Estela Ribeiro Kuntz. She lives in Curitiba and works as an illustrator and comic book artist in Brazil. She is best known for her Instagram account, Larkness. It is a collection of mini-comics featuring birds, ghosts, and other scary things.


Larkness mostly shows herself and her pet cat in her comics, along with personifications of her thoughts and feelings. Her comics focus on everyday anxieties and situations, making them relatable to a wide audience. That’s why she has an audience of 87,900 followers on her Instagram account. We have collected some of his best comics in the following section. If you want to enjoy them, then feel free to explore the following section.

Credit: Larkness

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#1. Smarty Pants

#2. Listen to this one


#3. Look Good

#4. Reflection


#5. Maternity Leaves

#6. Broke Up With me


Using these characters, she talks about issues related to conservation, climate change, and the importance of preserving nature. Her comics feature a wide variety of lovable and quirky characters in their main team, which includes humans and clever cats. In her comics, birds’ characteristics help to save the environment.

#7. Lasting relationship

#8. Good Weekend


#9. Flying Around

#10. Always Busy


#11. Tweet

#12. Birds will Reply


#13. Dating


#14. Cost reduction


Her cat, Jack, is a wonderful speaker and companion. The artist says she appreciates cats’ intelligence and beauty. She also thinks that they and humans have a lot in common when it comes to emotions. Owners of cats can perceive the true nature of their adoration, despite the fact that they may appear aloof and heartless. If you want to enjoy more comics, then feel free to click herehere, and here.

#15. People stuff

#16. Respect with clients


#17. Poetry


#18. My Friend

#19. Do you like movies


#20. Complicated

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