This Artist illustrates inner Conflicts and Thoughts in her Mind by using Ghosts in her Comics (25 Comics)

Inner conflict is a constant struggle that prevents us from making a calm decision. We can not make the right decision. We always look nervous and absent-minded. It is our thoughts and emotions that try to override what we know to be morally right or wrong. This feeling of conflict leads to fear, anger, disgust, confusion, and loneliness.

Similarly, there is an artist or illustrator who went through the same condition. “Estela Ribeiro Kuntz” is an artist who makes comics about her inner conflicts and thoughts. She says that “I used to think a lot about it, and last year I started to make a comic series with these voices, which I turned into 3 ghosts with different personalities”.

The artist wants to deal with all these situations, then she discovered that art and humor are the best way to share inner thoughts and conflicts, and best of all, to discover how many people relate to the situations she often goes through. That’s why he started drawing comics. By drawing such comics, she gained 61,500 followers on her Instagram account which mostly goes through these situations and surely can relate. Let’s take a look at some of her illustrations in the following section.

Credit: Larkness

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