20 Larkness Comics Often Revolve Around Birds and a Mischievous Cat

Estela Ribeiro Kuntz is a Brazilian illustrator and comic book artist who resides in Curitiba. Her well-known webcomic, Larkness, is a collection of short comics about ghosts, birds, and other spooky creatures. In addition to being humorous and whimsical, her comics tend to be moody and serious. Her Instagram account currently has 86,100 followers, which is a significant following.

The main cast of Larkness’s comics often consists of a variety of charming and distinct characters, including humans and even a cunning cat. Because each character is unique and has a distinct personality, they are immediately likable and interesting. The comics are centered around commonplace events but with a lighthearted spin. Characters that are birds act as protectors of the natural environment. She discusses concerns about conservation, climate change, and the value of protecting nature through these characters. If you want to enjoy more comics, then feel free to click herehere, and here.

Credit: Larkness

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#1. Public Transportation

#2. Training Routine

#3. New Year Resolution

#4. New Language

#5. Sounds Exciting

#6. Great Year

The artist states that she likes how intelligent and beautiful cats are. Additionally, she believes that they and humans share a great deal when it comes to emotions. Although they appear isolated and uncaring, owners of cats can see the depth of their affection. Jack, my cat, is a terrific talker and companion. That’s how each cat has its own personality.

#7. Christmas Present

#8. T-Shirt

#9. Secret Santa

#10. No

#11. Not the smartest one

#12. Busy

Her art is simple but expressive, with brilliant colors and fascinating character designs. The artwork complements the humor perfectly and contributes to the overall appeal of the comics. Despite their humor, Larkness’ comics frequently contain uplifting moments that resonate with readers. They remind us of the value of love, friendship, and finding delight in the little things in life.

#13. Successful Entrepreneur

#14. Real Eggs

#15. Dream

#16. So Cute

#17. Be Brave

#18. Maternity Leave

#19. Babies

#20. Science

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