20 Random Comics Full of Unexpected Twists for Dark Humor Lovers




For fans of dark humor who delight in the unexpected, Random Comics is a treasure trove of twisted amusement. This comic series, known for its unpredictable narratives and darkly humorous punchlines, caters to those with a taste for the unconventional and the macabre. With each panel, Random Comics takes readers on a wild and unpredictable ride, defying expectations and leaving them with a mix of shock and laughter. The creators of the series have mastered the art of crafting.

This collection, crafted by the talented artist Sean, offers a unique blend of dark humor and unexpected twists that are sure to leave readers both bewildered and amused. With its signature four-panel format, simple illustrations, and penchant for the absurd, Deliberately Buried Comics has cultivated a dedicated following of 97,200 on its Instagram account, where it shares its dark and delightful creations. With each strip, Sean fearlessly dives into the depths of dark comedy.

The simplicity of the illustrations belies the complexity of the humor within, as unexpected twists and turns take readers on a rollercoaster ride of laughter and surprise. Through concise and clever storytelling, Sean weaves narratives that subvert expectations, offering a fresh and twisted take on everyday situations. The dark humor found in these strips serves as a mirror to the absurdities of life, inviting readers to laugh at the darkness that often lurks just beneath the surface. Through its four-panel format, simple illustrations, and dash of absurdity, it captivates audiences with its unconventional take on comedy. So, delve into the world of Deliberately Buried Comics, where dark humor reigns supreme and unexpected laughter awaits at every turn of the page.

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Credit: Deliberately Buried

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#1. Curl of duty

#2. Pool party

#3. Summer

#4. Chef

#5. Presentation

#6. Happy dad day

#7. Oh brother

#8. What how?

#9. Tattoo

#10. Great show

#11. Earth!

#12. Daddy nearest

#13. Routine

#14. It’s a shirt off

#15. Peace fest

#16. Happy mother’s day

#17. Training

#18. Team player

#19. Hang in there

#20. DNA test

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