20 Times Cartoonist Katherine Shows Her Relatable Everyday Experiences

Khemmings94 is the Instagram account of Katherine Ann Hemmings, who creates comics based on her everyday experiences. She is a brilliant artist from the West Midlands. In 2018, she began drawing comics. She provides details about their daily lives, relationships with others, and her observations. This artist transforms everyday things into the extraordinary. Her comics often highlight the value of friendships, family, and the simple things in life that make us happy.


She is a UK-based cosplayer and small-press comics creator. Her comics about being a cosplayer, being ginger, and other relevant subjects are well-known. Her comics, which frequently combine humor and heartwarming themes, have found a significant and still-growing following of 43,500 on Instagram. Additionally, Katherine Doodles is the name of her Facebook profile. The following section contains her finest comics.

Credit: Khemmings94

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#1. Put your coat


#2. Future House


#3. Going to buy a house

#4. Favorite Show


#5. Hate the winter

#6. New Princess Character


Her Instagram account is a collection of relatable comics that explore the experiences of being a redhead girl. Her comics mostly explore the world of cosplay, highlighting the relatable experiences and challenges cosplayers face. The comics seem to draw on her own life experiences, offering a humorous and relatable perspective. She captures all these situations only in a four-panel format.

#7. Play Station

#8. So tired


#9. Wig Caps

#10. Grow up


#11. Ghosts

#12. Cosplay


#13. Are you serious?

Her colorful, bright illustrations enhance the humorous nature of her comics. She creates visually appealing work. The characters are given even more detail by their careful attention to body language and facial expressions, which makes their interactions and reactions much more realistic and funny. If you’re interested in enjoying more of Khemmings94’s work, you could find it by simply clicking here and here.

#14. What a beautiful day


#15. Don’t think so

#16. Look out


#17. Shopping

#18. Much better


#19. Happy Halloween

#20. Much better


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