These Long Animal Comic Strips by Kat Swenski Will Make You Smile (36 Drawings)

Laughing is the best activity to forget about your worries, and animal comics give individuals of all ages and backgrounds a way to interact and have a good laugh. Many animal comics make us laugh and make us smile. When we read these comics, we can relate to the scenarios that happen with them. Let’s introduce a well-known artist who creates comics to capture animals everyday lives.

Popular illustrator and comic book artist Kat Swenski has a sizable fan base on Patreon and Instagram. The artist is well-known for her humorous and realistic comics, many of which include animals. She creates beautiful tales of animals overcoming hardships and unexpected animal relationships. She currently has a huge audience of 592,000 followers on her Instagram account. Let’s explore the best long comic strips in the next section.

Credit: Kat Swenski

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#1. The Tragic Tale of Jack and Lilly

She is best known for her web comic series, Kat Raccoon. The dialogues in Kat Swenski’s comics are hilarious and full of unexpected turns. It adds another layer of humor to the already hilarious visuals. Her comics are always based on heartwarming moments that never fail to amuse us.

#2. Raccoon Marital Problems

#3. Epic Rap Battles of the Aquarium

Her comics are filled with wholesome situations, ranging from everyday life and misunderstandings to unexpected animal talents. The painting style is expressive and colorful, wonderfully based on the amusement of the scenarios. These comics are a lovely reminder of our remarkable relationship with animal species. If you like her comics, please leave a comment and share this blog. To see more comics, check here, here, and here.

#4. Time for bed

#5. Joy

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