20 Comics by The Illustrator Who Turns Everyday Life Into Colorful Adventures


Do you ever wish your day-to-day life had a bit more flair? Well, meet Jude Devir, the artistic wizard who transforms the ordinary into vibrant and hilarious illustrations that resonate with millions around the globe. Born and raised in Israel, Devir’s journey to artistic stardom began when he was barely knee-high, wielding crayons and brushes like wands of creation.

Studying visual communication at Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Art and Design became a pivotal chapter in Devir’s life. He honed his craft and delved deeper into his passion for painting, setting the stage for his eventual ascent as an Instagram sensation. His freelance gigs post-graduation not only showcased his talent but also fueled his drive to capture life’s moments in vibrant strokes.

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Credit: Jude Devir

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#1. Toddler


#2. Happy Ending

#3. Blue Friday


#4. I Got You Covered

#5. Handy Man


But what sets Devir apart isn’t just his artistic finesse—it’s the way he unveils the everyday antics and endearing moments shared with his wife, Maya Devir. Their daily escapades, from navigating kitchen chaos to handling pesky inconveniences, are splashed across his canvas in a delightful blend of conventional and digital art.

#6. It Never Ends

#7. But Why?


#8. Don’t Need Help

#9. Go!


The magic of Devir’s illustrations lies in their relatability. Through exaggerated facial expressions and vivid colors that leap off the screen, he spins a relatable yarn that pulls at the heartstrings of anyone who’s faced a clogged sink or battled a rebellious appliance. His series “One of Those Days” encapsulates these universal struggles with a comedic twist, drawing in a massive following of 5.3 million on Instagram.

#10. Family

#11. Oh Yeah!


#12. Injection

#13. Comfort Zone


Devir’s art isn’t just about chuckles; it’s about celebrating life’s quirks. He’s a master at capturing the rollercoaster of emotions that we all experience, from the highs of joy to the lows of exasperation, weaving them into a tapestry of love and playfulness that resonates globally. His illustrations are a reminder that amidst the chaos, there’s beauty and humor to be found in the everyday.

#14. Three More to Go

#15. Fire!



#17. Material Girl


#18. Mom’s Night Out

Scrolling through his portfolio is like flipping through a colorful storybook of life’s adventures, where mundane moments transform into laughter-filled escapades. Devir’s knack for encapsulating the essence of human emotions and the beauty of mundane routines has turned him into a beacon of joy for countless followers worldwide. As we delve deeper into Devir’s imaginative world, we’ll uncover some of his most captivating illustrations. Stay tuned as we explore the magic he weaves in every stroke, bringing laughter and warmth to the screens of millions.

#19. Belly Belly


#20. It’s Alive

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