20 Single-Panel Dog Comics by Cartoonist Jonathan Will Surely Make Your Day


In the realm of comic artistry, there exists a unique space where humor, simplicity, and the canine world collide: the single-panel dog comics by Jonathan Ray Hawkins. These bite-sized illustrations capture the essence of doggy antics in a single frame, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of many.

Jonathan’s journey into the world of art began not with a grand revelation but through his genuine love for dogs and a knack for storytelling. As an avid dog lover, he found himself drawn to the quirky behaviors and lovable antics of our furry friends. Armed with a sketchbook and a passion for doodling, he set out on a mission to immortalize these moments of canine charm.

Credit: Jonathan Ray Hawkins 

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#1. Adopted


#2. American Dream

#3. Plumber


#4. Sniffing Dog

#5. Selfie


#6. Common Scents

The genesis of each comic strip is as whimsical as the scenes they depict. Jonathan often finds inspiration in the everyday interactions between dogs and humans. A leisurely stroll in the park might spark an idea as he observes a pup enthusiastically chasing after a butterfly or clumsily attempting to catch a frisbee. The nuances of canine behavior, from their unwavering loyalty to their hilarious mishaps, serve as a wellspring of creative fodder.

#7. Common Dog


#8. Insurance

#9. Smoothie


#10. Mail

#11. Color Blind


But it’s not just the external observations that fuel Jonathan’s creativity. He delves deep into his own experiences as a dog parent, drawing from the antics of his own furry companions. From the mischievous pup who constantly steals socks to the wise old dog who seemingly understands every word whispered, each character in his comics resonates with authenticity.

#12. Book Reading

#13. Conversion


#14. Music

#15. Gym


#16. Pedaling Cycle

#17. Crawling


The creative process itself is a delightful dance of imagination and simplicity. Armed with a pen and paper, Jonathan captures the essence of his ideas in a single frame. Each stroke of the pen brings forth a world where dogs take center stage, often delivering a punchline that leaves readers grinning from ear to ear.

What sets Jonathan’s single-panel dog comics apart is their universal appeal. They transcend language barriers and cultural differences, speaking directly to the heart of anyone who has ever shared a bond with a canine companion. It’s the relatability factor that makes these comics a source of joy for dog lovers across the globe.

#18. Hilarious

#19. Scratch


#20. Cards

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