20 Strange Comics Full of Cryptic Captions That Will Surely Chuckle Your Mind




Comics have long been a source of amusement, but there’s a corner of the comic world where the ordinary takes a detour into the extraordinary. Enter a world where conventions are defied, logic is optional, and laughter is the ultimate destination. These are the comics that perplex and amuse, the ones with cryptic captions that will undoubtedly tickle your mind. The heart of these comics lies in their captions. They aren’t just witty one-liners; they’re enigmatic riddles. Like secret codes waiting to be cracked, these captions reveal humor that is subtly hidden beneath layers of absurdity. Each caption is a tiny treasure trove of comedic genius, offering a unique form of amusement that teases the intellect.

In this realm, you won’t find the usual superheroes or familiar gags. Instead, you’ll encounter comics by artists who thrive on the unconventional. Their works defy expectations, and their cryptic captions are gateways to a quirky brand of humor. These comics challenge your wit and imagination, and the more you try to decipher them, the harder you’ll chuckle.

Credit: John Cullen

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#1. A.I Image Generation Revolution

#2. Balloon Cat

#3. How to know

#4. Deadline is approaching

#5. Looks Silly

Comic books have been a beloved source of entertainment for generations, but every once in a while, you stumble upon something that defies the conventions of the medium. Enter Nellucnhoj, an enigmatic artist who crafts comics like no other. These aren’t your typical superhero tales or humor strips; Nellucnhoj’s creations are a genre unto themselves. His creations are more than just comics; they’re riddles waiting to be unraveled, and they are an art form that truly stands out. Let’s delve into the whimsical and mysterious realm of John Cullen‘s strange comics, where every panel is a puzzle and every caption a chuckle for the mind.

#6. Steps

#7. Floating Panels

#8. There was a blob

#9. Drawing

#10. Slug

#11. Hilarious

John Cullen’s comics are a unique blend of humor and intrigue. Unlike traditional comics, his works don’t always follow a linear narrative or punchline-driven structure. Instead, they lead you into an uncharted territory of imagination and wit. Each illustration is a carefully crafted world, and each caption is a cryptic clue, inviting you to explore the depths of your own creativity. John Cullen’s unusual comics have found a dedicated following of 158,000 on Instagram.

#12. Intrusive Thoughts

#13. Internally Screaming

#14. The Long Face

#15. Completely Aimless

#16. Mysterious Hole

#17. Shower Thoughts

While many comics rely on straightforward humor, John Cullen takes a different approach. His comics challenge you to think, to question, and to interpret. The humor is not always in your face; it’s often subtle, waiting for you to decipher it. This form of storytelling engages readers on a different level, making them an active part of the narrative. It’s like looking at a piece of abstract art and finding your own meaning in the shapes and colors. His comics are open to multiple interpretations, and the more you look, the more you see. They’re a puzzle that can be solved in various ways, depending on your perspective.

#18. Cost of living

#19. Sound Intensity

#20. Slippery Slope

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