20 Meg Comics Portrays Everyday Situations in a Hilarious Way

An interesting means of expressing one’s ideas and emotions regarding a circumstance […]

An interesting means of expressing one’s ideas and emotions regarding a circumstance is through comics. A lot of artists decide to turn their thoughts and hard-to-express concepts into comic strips. It’s the way artists express themselves, their passions, or just silly conversation. Among those artists, we bring the talented one for you today.

Since 2016, Meg, a gem, has been carving out a niche for herself in the comic book industry. She is known for her relatable and humorous take on life’s strange things. Her web comic name is It’s Meg Comics. This talented artist has amassed a devoted following of 6,497 on Instagram. Meg’s comics provide a humorous perspective on the ordinary aspects of daily life, making them an enjoyable break from routine.

Credit: It’s Meg Comics

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#1. Customers

#2. Trash

#3. Life matters


#4. Closing Time

#5. Romantic

#6. Incoming


Meg spent two years studying fine painting at a community college, and the artist claims that it was at that time that she began this web comic. Meg described herself as a Pittsburgh-based aspiring comic book artist. She has always drawn, but she has only recently been serious about cartooning as a means to express her emotions because she is too lazy to keep a diary. She has been sketching for most of her life.

#7. Running

#8. Going Through

#9. Friend


#10. Beautiful Season

#11. Scars

#12. Selfish


#13. Pretty Bad

#14. Fit

#15. Alone


Meg draws inspiration from a wide range of sources for her artwork. It reflects the artist’s current interests, which could be pop culture, mental health issues, or daily life. She always ends up converting a feeling, experience, or idea into a comic because I find it hard to let go of it. To view more of her comics, click here.

#16. Honestly

#17. Different

#18. Pimples


#19. Clowns

#20. Do it

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