Here are 20 Funny and Relatable Comics About Situations That Happen in Everyday Life

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Funny and relatable comics serve as a fantastic escape from the clutches of anxiety and stress, offering a lighthearted respite in the form of laughter. In the chaotic tapestry of daily life, these comics act as a whimsical oasis, providing a brief but delightful departure from the pressures that often weigh us down. The humor found in these illustrations not only tickles our funny bones but also creates a shared experience, as many can relate to the quirky scenarios and amusing observations depicted.


In the world of comics, everyday challenges are transformed into comical anecdotes, allowing readers to momentarily detach from their worries and find solace in the joy of shared laughter. This escape into a world of humor not only offers a mental break but also fosters a sense of connection through shared laughter, making funny and relatable comics a powerful tool for alleviating the burdens of anxiety and stress.

Credit: It’s Meg Comics

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#1. Disagree

image 1152

#2. Scary Costumes

image 1153

#3. Putting myself out there

image 1154

#4. Degree

image 1155

#5. Bad Posture

image 1156

#6. People Pleaser

image 1157

There’s a gem named Meg who has been carving her niche in the world of comics since 2016. Known as ‘It’s Meg Comics,’ this talented artist has garnered a dedicated following of 5,844 on Instagram with her relatable and humorous take on life’s quirks. Meg’s comics serve as a refreshing break from the ordinary, offering a humorous lens through which to view the mundane aspects of everyday life.

#7. Infinite Loop

image 1158

#8. Bad Taste

image 1159

#9. Eight Foot Long

image 1160

#10. Old School Cool

image 1164

#11. Manifesting

image 1163

#12. Attachment Issues

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Meg’s artistic journey began as a way to share her unique experiences, social mishaps, and the delightful chaos of her gaming habits. What sets ‘It’s Meg Comics’ apart is its ability to capture the essence of relatable, everyday situations. Meg fearlessly explores her general lack of life skills and doesn’t shy away from showcasing the awkward, introverted, and often clumsy moments that many of us can identify with.

#13. Game Over

image 1165

#14. Ruined it for everyone

image 1167

#15. Where’s brain?

image 1168

#16. Catch

image 1169

#17. The Devil’s Drink

image 1170

The charm of Meg’s comics lies in their simplicity and authenticity. Her characters, navigating the complexities of life, become instant companions for the audience. Whether it’s a struggle with social interactions or a humorous take on navigating the challenges of adulthood, Meg’s illustrations strike a chord with her followers. Through her art, she creates a space where people can find solace in shared experiences, breaking down the walls of isolation that often accompany life’s awkward moments.

#18. Working for the weekend

image 1171

#19. Sad

image 1172

#20. Tough Guy

image 1173

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