20 Relatable illustrations Depict the Experiences and Inner Thoughts of Introverts


An introvert is a person who tends to be more inward-focused and gains energy from spending time alone or in small, intimate settings. Introverts often feel drained or overwhelmed by large social gatherings and need solitude to recharge. They tend to be reflective, deep thinkers, and may prefer meaningful one-on-one conversations over small talk. While introverts can be sociable and enjoy spending time with friends, they are more selective about their social interactions and may find excessive stimulation exhausting.

Credit: Introvert Doodles

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#1. So weird!


#2. Trying to reconnect with things

#3. Relatable


#4. Career Assessment Session

Introvert Doodles is a heartwarming and relatable webcomic series created by Maureen Marzi Wilson that offers a charming glimpse into the world of introverts. With endearing and humorous illustrations, Marzi captures the everyday experiences, quirks, and inner thoughts of introverts, inviting readers to laugh, nod in agreement, and perhaps shed a tear of recognition. From navigating social situations to celebrating the joys of solitude, “Introvert Doodles” beautifully conveys the nuanced and often misunderstood lives of introverts, providing a sense of community and understanding for those who relate to the introverted way of life.

#5. Feelings are irrelevant


#6. Other vs Me

#7. Transform belief into values


#8. Where’s the job search going?

#9. Feel Overwhelmed


#10. Is it like this everywhere?

Maureen Marzi Wilson has published several books based on her Introvert Doodles comics, including “Introvert Doodles: An Illustrated Look at Introvert Life in an Extrovert World,” “The Little Book of Big Feelings,” and “The Introvert Activity Book.” These books are available for purchase on Amazon and other online retailers. She is also active on Instagram, where she posts updates about her work as an author and illustrator. Her Instagram account is a great way to connect with her and stay up-to-date with her latest work. She currently has a huge audience of 261,000 on her Instagram account.

#11. Every Morning


#12. An introvert think

#13. Happy Christmas!


#14. Sometimes I cry when

#15. Holiday Traditions


#16. Seeing a therapist

The doodles depict common, everyday situations that introverts encounter, such as the dread of small talk, the joy of cozying up with a book, or the relief of canceling social plans. These scenarios resonate with introverts because they’ve likely been there. Marzi’s illustrations capture the emotional depth of introverted experiences, from the delight of a quiet evening at home to the anxiety of large gatherings. This authenticity allows introverts to see their own feelings and reactions mirrored in the doodles. Marzi’s doodles are not just drawings but windows into the introvert’s soul, making them a comforting and enlightening read for introverts and extroverts alike.

#17. Encourage Enthusiasm


#18. Morning Routine

#19. Adoption Day


#20. These are for you

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